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Sweet Pea Shower Steamer

$ 6.00

***Steamer may be square or round and may not match the picture exactly.
5.5 oz. | Our Shower Steamers are the shower alternative to bath bombs! Sweet Pea-This is a soft floral with fresh violet and lily of the valley type notes. Open package and place Shower Steamer on the tub floor where steam and water will cause it to melt slowly for a rejuvenating shower experience.

Ingredients: Baking soda, Citric acid, Corn starch, Epsom salt,  Cream of tartar, Raw oats, Raw honey, Essential oil of vanilla.

Don't take baths? Don't worry! we got you covered with one of our 10 different scented shower steamers, place one shower steamer on your shower floor and let the aroma fill your shower to help breathe, relax and unwind!

These are perfect for the person that doesn't have time for bath bombs or wants something just a little different every once in awhile! They work similar to bath bombs, get your shower ready, step in and place the cube on the floor of the tub!! We recommend not to place directly under the water but just enough that it will get wet throughout your shower to dissolve! 

** Shower use ONLY!