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Turning the old into something new again...Is how it all started. STB started in 2010 in my garage, when I started making upcycled products from recycled tshirts, sweaters, and whatever else I could find. Since getting into the crafting industry, I was introduced to so many new and fun ideas, so of course I had to try them myself. Between kids/husband and a 50-60 hour/week day job, I didn't have a whole lot of time, but I was determined to get this thing rolling.
I slowly ventured into elastic hair ties and headbands, then fancier headbands and hair clips. Even adding handmade Bullet Bling Jewelry to the mix.
In 2013, I stepped it up a bit with kids boutique clothing and accessories. By November, I was a full blown boutique! Carrying kids petti rompers, leg warmers, diaper covers, dresses, and a few women's accessories. I did a couple craft fairs/events that winter and fell in LOVE!
In 2014, I cut back my hours working at my day job, did more craft fairs/shows/events, and added more goodies to the line. I started to get requests for women's clothing, accessories, and shoes. It has always been my dream, for as long as I can remember, to have my own clothing store. So I decided to take a huge leap and open up in October 2014. 

In 2015, things started to grow tremendously! I bought a 1982 Stepvan(like a UPS/FedEx/Food Truck) and converted it to a Mobile Boutique/Fashion Truck. It was so awesome! It was just like a store on wheels, even having a dressing room. We debuted the truck March 20, 2015. I took the truck to as many events as I could and even did home parties. By July, I knew the truck wasn't going to cut it. Everyone wanted to shop more often than just at events and parties. August 2015, I opened up my first store front. A little 540 sq ft space with a little bit of display space and a curtain dressing room. The ladies definitely took a liking to being able to shop every week! Also during this time we started an Instagram and a VIP group on FB.

In July 2016, we moved into a new bigger, better location. FIVE TIMES the size of our first little shop and on a busier, more visible street, with much better parking.

It is now 2020 and we are 4 years in our new location!! It has been such an AMAZING time!!  All of our STB Squad(all of you) have been so supporting and loyal and I can't even put into words how much I appreciate each of you!  If you haven't been into the shop yet, let me just tell is the most laid back, homey, no judgement, no pressure place to shop.  No one works on commission around here so you don't have to worry about that!  We just want to provide you with a fun place to find cute stuff that makes you feel amazing!  

The online shop is still hoppin'! So to tally it all up....Store Front, Online Shop, FB Page, VIP FB Group, Pinterest, Instagram, & Shopping Apps in the Apple App Store & the Google Play Store. Each one is a little different in its own way. Are you following us?!

I feel so blessed to have such drive to follow my heart, and have the opportunity to make my dreams come true. Thank you for checking us out and I hope you'll stick around for the crazy ride!

Megan :)
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